Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fix the, "Blast it! Where is that Email?"

MailStore Home

MailStore Home lets you archive your private email from almost any email source and search through them extremely quickly. You will never lose emails again.

Free Email Archiving Software for Home Users

For home users, emails are also a valuable source of information. A large amount of data and important files is saved in the form of emails. With MailStore Home you can backup all emails in a central archive, even if they are distributed across different computers, programs or mailboxes. You can do this either on your PC or on a USB drive as a "portable" option.

This way, you will never lose emails again and can search all of your emails extremely fast. You can still reply to or forward archived emails by opening them with a single mouse click in your standard email program.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Using Windows 10? Great uninstall any other Anti-Virus suit; accept Windows Defender!

May all Windows AntiVirus program suite rest in peace. We have been under their thumb since early 1990's; First under MS-DOS, then Windows 95 through Windows 7.

Video: TWiT Bit 2876: Do I Still Need Anti-Virus on Windows?

The whole idea of anti-virus programs was wrong. The whole idea of antivirus programs looking for specific program signature was doomed. Eventually these patterns would change so quickly that any database based signature program is too costly to run.