Wednesday, July 13, 2011

14 Reasons To Never Use Internet Explorer; Ever

All Windows Defense vendors, Norton, Kaspersky, NOD32, Avira AntiVir, and McAfee running on XP, have been in my shop within the last 4 months with small variations of a Java Class Malware. This Malware disables Windows Update, Windows Security Center's Firewall, Virus, & Windows Update sentries, disables Window's Firewall. The user's logon profile cannot run any programs and the system tray is disabled

Within a recent review computer protection programs, all vendor's were scored poor on XP. The vendors and testers claim that XP is not as secure as Vista nor Windows 7 rationalizing their lower scoring. All programs will fallback asking the computer's operator when they detect a questionable action, if the operator really wants to over ride the "trip wire" alert; they will allow it.

The main way these systems were infected appears to be poisoned websites viewed with Microsoft Internet  Explorer. In 12 reasons not to use Internet Explorer, ever, ComputerWorld's Defensive Computing Michael Horowitz lays some clear reasons for avoiding this problem by just changing your web browser habit.

I use FireFox, Opera, Seamonkey, and Chrome everyday. I suggest for you to use one as well.